Manufacturing Capabilities

We produce powder blends, hard shell capsules, and tablets. We work closely with our customers to facilitate formulation, testing and compliance, to fast track production processes.

Production (Powders, Tablets, Hard Shell Encapsulation)

We specialize in dry powder and dry dosage formulation and manufacture, including hard shell capsules and compressed tablets. We have laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing scale equipment, to take creations from idea through lab scale to commercial production. 


Our packaging lines handle bottles (plastic, glass, metal), powder pots, pouches and a range of closures, including induction or pressure sealing. Options of desiccant sachet or canister and oxygen scavengers are available to provide optimum shelf life for the product. We work in partnership with a focus on viability, durability and sustainability, to ensure your customer receives the quality product they deserve.

Technical Manufacturing Experts

The process of developing Health Products is a complex and arduous undertaking and the full picture of both the formulation and production allows PharmaNZ to streamline time to market and improve ingredient integrity throughout the production cycle.

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Our Facility is registered and certified for:

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Formulation & Product Development

We are dedicated to delivering great service and innovation across the whole life-cycle of a product. From pricing ingredient breakpoints to improving shelf life and integrity, our team of formulators is ready to create your next success – we love a challenge.

Quality Framework

Our facility and processes are designed from the ground up to meet one of the strictest global regulatory frameworks, GMP. We are committed to product safety, strict hygiene protocols and ingredient integrity.

Regulatory Support

Regulatory compliance is a complicated part of the product development process. Our regulatory team include experts in food regulations.


“We continue to be impressed with PharmaNZ’s level of care for our brand. Their data-driven approach offers us more than one formulation option for our products with clear price breaks for different ingredients and formats. In many years of operation, not one manufacturer has showed such attention to our business vision!”

Casper Smith

Head of New Product Development


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